Andy’s Journey: How I Became a Believer

People often ask me about my love for St. Rita. “What led you to find her?” “Why did you dedicate yourself to her?” “How has she changed your life?”

The skeptics have questions, too. “What makes you think she’s speaking to you? How can you believe in miracles?”

I don’t mind these questions. I’m happy to tell my story because it helps people understand that the St. Rita Believe band is a gift of grace from God, a reminder that challenges can be conquered. That nothing is impossible. That through the power of prayer, we can even repair the world.

As for the skeptics, my answer is simple: I believe. People today are too busy with their own agendas. They don’t accept that miracles could happen. But if you take the time for faith and truly believe, you’ll see with your own eyes that miracles come true every day.

My own story is just one of the many miracles in 100 years of baseball history. Here’s a timeline of my journey thus far.

November, 2011. My search for spiritual guidance on behalf of my patients led me to discover St. Rita of Cascia. I was inspired to launch St. Rita Believe to mobilize the baseball community to make positive change.

May 22, 2013. The coveted Spalding E model bat I bought arrived at my home on St. Rita’s feast day! I suspected that this historic artifact had a distinguished pedigree.

September, 2014. Father Joe at the National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia in Philadelphia told me about the Patron Saint of Baseball. As a lifelong baseball enthusiast, something clicked. A great moment of peaceful and powerful emotions suddenly came over me, as though the Holy Spirit had embraced me. I just knew there was a greater power at work.

December 14, 2014. My suspicion was proven correct: my Spalding E bat was the very one used by Johnny Evers in the 1914 World Series – when the impossible turned possible and the “Miracle Braves” won the series.

October, 2015. During a pilgrimage to St. Rita’s birthplace, Cascia, Italy, I was overcome with emotions of gratitude, a holy presence, and a deep sense that I was “home.” My prayers were answered with a sign: Miracles happen over the skies of Cascia.

Today. My journey is just beginning as we manifest God’s plan, one bracelet at a time.