Buy a Band, Feed the Hungry

Here at St. Rita Believe, we say that faith and prayer can change the world one miracle at a time. But did you know that St. Rita is also helping us change the world one meal at a time?

St. Rita Believe is now partnering with The Caring Place, a rescue mission in South Florida that has been serving the needy for nearly 100 years. The organization will receive $2.00 for every wrist band sold. That’s enough to buy a meal for a hungry man, woman, or child.

Andy was a guest last month on Mission Possible: The Good News Program, a podcast hosted by 610 WIOD radio and distributed far and wide on the iHeartRadio network, to talk about this exciting new initiative.

The baseball connection

Andy told host Lian Navarro about St. Rita’s historic ties to baseball. Known as the Patron Saint of Baseball, the 14th-century nun has been inspiring miracles since the game’s infancy.

Fans of The Rookie know the story of Jim Morris, his unwavering faith in the impossible, and his miraculous journey to the Major Leagues. There are countless such stories of hope – on and off the field – attributed to St. Rita.

Morris and many other players to this day wear St. Rita medallions, Andy said. The St. Rita Believe wrist band similarly serves as a physical reminder of the power of faith.

A pledge to heal

What moved Andy to partner with The Caring Place? St. Rita herself was homeless and hungry, he explained, even as she dedicated her life to helping others in the community.

But Andy’s commitment to the Miami rescue mission goes beyond feeding neighbors in need. As many of you know, he is CEO of Primary Wound Care Specialists in Miami. His spiritual search for guidance is what initially led him to St. Rita, who also happens to be the Patron Saint of the Wounded. He told Navarro that he plans to provide wound services at no cost to clients at The Caring Place.

“I believe that St. Rita called me to do this interview to share her message of hope with those who need it the most,” said Andy after the taping. “She is showing us that a nourishing meal can go a long way toward nourishing souls.”

Remember: no matter what your religious affiliation, miracles do happen when there’s hope in your heart. You can listen to the interview here and learn more about The Caring Place here.