St Rita Believe Gives Back: Leadership Learning Center

The St. Rita Believe band is all about inspiring people and believing in miracles. Well, sometimes the best miracles are the ones we give to each other! That’s why St. Rita Believe’s founder, Andy Castellanos, is involved with charitable organizations around the Miami area and beyond.

One such organization is the Leadership Learning Center, a church-based nonprofit that helps give educationally disadvantaged kids a greater chance to succeed. The Leadership Learning Center provides after-school activities to kids in Miami’s Little Havana community, a cause in which Andy firmly believes. Later this July, Andy will be taking 40 of the Center’s kids and teachers to Marlins Stadium to watch the Miami Marlins play the Philadelphia Phillies (the Marlins are generously chipping in to pay for half of the group’s tickets). Andy will also be donating field-level seats for a different Marlins game, in groups of four, to kids and parents/guardians from the Miami area. Andy has gone in to visit the kids at the Leadership Learning Center, to talk baseball and educate them about Saint Rita, and he relishes every chance to do so. “Children represent the future,” he believes, “and we should encourage and guide them.”

Andy established St. Rita Believe to help people become inspired and empowered, through baseball and faith. He’s always looking for new ways to make a positive impact, so stay tuned to find out how St. Rita Believe continues to give back to the community. In the meantime, remember that baseball can unite us all, through miracles great and small!